Blogging, Visibility & Mindset Tips For Aspiring Bloggers

Blogger & "Toy Story" Enthusiast

Renee Shaw

Hey! I know what you’re thinking. Another blog about blogging, how different can it be? 

I get it. In a sea of information it’s all overwhelming. My aim is to break down and synthesize all the “techy” stuff into easy-to-understand language for beginning bloggers. 

I’m enthusiastic, like really enthusiastic about teaching you how to get your blog on the map. As well as how to get you in the mindset to be making those leaps and bounds required to be making big changes in your life.

That Little Blog is all about creating something thats all yours (your blog) that gives you something tangible (money) all while cultivating a more positive mindset.

Learn to blog, without the headache!

What Are You After?

Find my blog post categories below, from simple SEO tips to mindset makeovers. Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it below. Or you can always use the search bar!


Self- Development Posts

Create a morning routine, how to create a habit, live a joyful life.


Blogging Posts

How to start a blog, develop a content marketing plan, build an SEO strategy & more.


SEO Tips

Want more eyeballs on your content? A LTR with Google? This is the place to start.